Monday, October 10, 2005


Oh Yummmm!!! This morning I woke to a light breeze coming in from the window in my room and the smell of rain... I cant possibly tell you all of the things that this reminds me of, but some of them have to do with New York. There's a "snap" in the air-- (finally) just as we used to get when I lived up in yankeeville. I loved it. Over the course of being up north for 5 years I learned the exact moment the seasons would change. It was more obvious up there. You knew when the seasons were changing-- trees would bloom or change colors, a foot of snow would mysteriously show up on the ground (my first winter there! Ugh!) Was fun- but cold as hell at the same time! Dragging my flight bag down a snowy sidewalk in the dead of winter didn't turn out to be as fun as I had envisioned it -- but running off to a flight in bermuda sure was! 1st rule of a flight attendant-- pack for all seasons! 1 pr of shorts, 1 t shirt, 1 pair of pants, 1 bikini, 1 cute slinky dress, one shawl, one beret (for Paris of course!--you could always get diverted! :)) I look back now and I see it as much more fun that it actually was. Of course-- this life-- my life, was before 9/11-- it was a more innocent time, in a more innocent Big Apple. Houston has a more subtle way of warning me that the seasons are changing. Better for my Southern bones. Winter (usually) gently blows in over the course of a few days, and stays cool but not chilling, "hot chocolate" cold for a while. It gives you time to adjust-it kills mosquito's! (yeah!) More kids are outside (because its not hot as blazes!) and then Halloween knocks at our door. I guess I love winter in each of the places I've experienced it-- but I love winter more in the South. It gives me time to adjust, it "persuades" me to spend more time outside, it makes life in the hot south, more livable.

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