Thursday, January 25, 2007

I've blinked- and lost 3 months!

Corporate America is keeping me quite busy! I have to say that I'm enjoying what I'm doing quite a bit- although its hard to be away from the kids so much. It is nice to be able to talk with grown ups about things other than eating their mac-n-cheese and poo-poo. I've been working on some pretty major projects and one of them is about to launch this Friday, not that that will allow any down-time. I dont think there is such a thing at this juncture! Too much to learn- too little time to absorb- before moving on to the next thing.
Kids had a great Christmas- and we really enjoyed spoiling them rotten! They each got an electric car and lots of toys. It was probably the most memorable holiday of my life. Thats what holidays are for- making memories and spending time with family.
On that note- my grandmother died about 3 weeks ago. It was very sad. She was 91. She had a grand- long life and lived every minute to the fullest while she still could. Its scary- to get old. Let's not- and say we might... :) I'll pass- thank you!
What else? I've been swatted by my local mothers group for making a comment back to a poster that basically was trying to make any working mom on earth feel bad. Not just working moms either- but also- anyone who works hard for a living and has something to show for it. It was pretty uncomfortable- I wonder if she'll be at the MNO this next week- so I can smack her? FREAKING LIBERALS!
Hope you all are well! Post sometime soon so I'll know you are alive!