Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Thanksgiving 2005 023
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I'm detecting a trend here. Antlers seem to be a part of the season. Duck Bryce, the hunters are out!

"Antlers"?? You say?

Thanksgiving 2005 027
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Say it aint so,, I'm REALLY this cute-- all of the time,, YEP! Mama agrees, there isnt much in the way of getting more fun than this guy! Happy Festivus!

Matts 40th Birthday

Thanksgiving 2005 032
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Now he's a star! 40 isnt so bad huh Matt, when you've got a great group of friends and a few bottles of wine to numbs the pain! We had a great time, helping you celebrate.


Thanksgiving 2005 033
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Yes, this is complete sass on my face-- what's it to ya?

Cowboy Dress

Thanksgiving 2005 040
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Thanksgiving at Nana and Paw Paws,, could I ook any more cute in my Ms. Cowgirl dress and tights? Dont forget the little red boots-- (not pictured)

Getting Settled

Thanksgiving 2005 048
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Yeah, yeah, we're getting settled in after our move... The best part-- is that we can ride our giraffes around the entry hall and parlor back to the kitchen and make a complete circle.. Aint it grand to be almost 2?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Moo-cow flashlight

November 2005 126
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Yep Daddy, looks like there might be a problem under there. Here, you can use my moo-cow flashlight to see, while you fix it! ;)