Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Feeling certainly ~ uncertain

All is not well in the world of financial turmoil. I arrived at work yesterday to the announcement mentioned in this article. We're for sale Now, I've been through this before- and you'd think that after going through this quite frequently in the past- I'd be "better" with the uncertainty. In honor of my past loves, and "not so loved" I'll list for you half my resume- It makes for a good chuckle.. 1.) 1999- Union Carbide/Bought by Dow Chemical 2.) 2001- Red Sky Interactive / Purchased by Agency.com 3.) 2001 - Compaq / Purchased by HP 4.) 2008 - Reliant Energy / ?? (Sniff, sniff) October has never been a great month for me. I wonder why? So what now?