Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The J.O.B.

E and I met last night for drinks at the Tasting Room (uptown park), with lots to chat about. Both of us are looking seriously about picking up new positions and needed a little 'gal-pal' time. I interviewed with a company yesterday and after speaking to several of my past work-mates who went to this company- they had NOTHING but fantastic things to say about it. It tugs at my heart though. My current set up is pretty sweet. I get to spend all day with the kids running around, and work from home. I get to see all of those "first's" that a lot of my friends get told about by their nannies or daycare staff. I dont know if I want that. There would be very little flexibility-- they already warned me/asked me if I was interested in "overtime" -- hmmmm -- red flag? Maybe... Opportunity to excel?? Maybe that too... I do miss the adult time that I enjoyed every day when I drove to a work site and sat in that dastardly cubie for 8-12 hours a day. More often than not-- my team had lots to get done,, but we played hard. This all being pre-children. I just dont know that I have the stamina.. I don't know that could leave the kiddies. Its a hard choice, wonderful opportunity -- and I'm "locked up" with indecision. Mybe I should wait and see if I get an offer? ;)

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