Thursday, October 13, 2005

SELL MY Freaking house!

Can I just rant a bit about my inability to sell my home? I mean for GODS sake! It may be in an "up-and-coming" neighborhood and might be close to a bizee street- but it is DAMN cute! I mean REALLY-- HOW many times must I lower the price? How many times must I call my real estate agent to get her to "come up with a plan".. I'm a darn planner-- man! I must have structure, in this unstructured, loosey goosey world. I dont do things on the fly. I stop, consider, wonder, consider again and then maybe decide to make a decision... I suppose its the Southerner in me-- maybe a bit of Libra-indecision-- but buying our new home, it seems is one of the only TRUE things I KNEW we had to do in our lives... Now-- we're paying for it. Lastly-- its not like we have bad taste-- this house is awesome. Its the people who are looking at it- that would rather have a "mc-house" and dont understand historic homes (100 years old!!) that make me wanna puke! Oh- real estate Gods, hear my prayer-- GET US outa here before the holidays! I really have designs on decorating a Queen Anne this Christmas-- and not having to be attentive to others sensibilities when it comes to my decorating for the holidays. Set me FREE of the handcuffs of two mortgages-- LORD, hear my prayer!! :(

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