Friday, October 14, 2005

Fantastic Furr!!

Oct 2nd pics 2005 Originally uploaded by amydell.
Have you ever seen a more likeable cat? He's my constant companion during the day, while I work. He jabs, snorts and shimmies his way in between me and the side of the chair-- just to be near me. If I flop him on the floor because I'm tired of him-- he saunters back to a sunny spot for a few minutes then returns to me-- hoping I've gotten over what ever it was that made me put him down in the first place. We came upon these cats, quite accidentally... We have 4. They are all adorable. They are all dog-like in their mood and demeanor. They follow us and run to us, fetch for us and basically fill every 'pet' need that we possess. I know your never supposed to tell your kids that you love one more than the other-- but it would be true to say that I love all 4 of these guys the same amount. They have been our babies through 7 years of infertility, and once the twins came, graciously bowed out of the spotlight- for a sunny spot and an occasional rubby scratch. Navi-- the one pictured here is the cousin of Minniehaha-- one of the other cats we live amongst. My DH always says-- I'm the crazy cat lady. Cats-- you either have one-- or you're on your way to 100! :) :)


minnie (haha) said...

Cat lovers unite!


Purrrrr from Paris

Leigh said...

Alas, I am allergic. But they are pretty adorable!