Sunday, October 02, 2005

Football, still a mystery to me

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After years (9) of following my dh to football games at Texas A&M- and buying season tickets each year- I find that I don't understand or care about the game much more than I did the first time that we visited one of these games. There are a few things that I like about going though- the stadium for one.. Kyle field is an amazing place. The crowd of 85,000 (a full stadium) brings chills to your bones-- even on a hot day! Its an exciting place to be. The shiny cadets and their lovely boots are also a site to see! The band- one of the best military marching bands in the country is precise and grand. Their all male band leaders whistle and throw around batons with a gusto thats rarely seen on any half time football field. It always smells of popped corn, corn dogs and sweat.. Its always crowded and there is excitement in the air on game days. Most of all, I love to see the look on B's face when we walk through the gate and hand our tickets to the tcket taker. He's like a little boy- anxious and happy and eager to yell his brains out for the Aggies. Thats the part of football that I love--the parts that make him the most happy. Being with him-- and building another season of memories. I'm certainly not the gal to ask what the score was or what a first down is ;) ~ Maybe I'll learn that next season? I guess I better learn it before little B gets old enough to play the game himself!

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