Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some things I dont miss about NYC

Apparently-- some men (from my experience--a lot of men) up north- dont have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to manners- This is as funny as it is scary! I think I dated this guy when I lived there? ;)~

"Milk and Sugar"

Seersucker--Does it get much more Southern? This past weekend- my eldest female cousin got married. Thats where this pic was taken. How lucky am I to have found such a handsome man? :) I'm hoping to get back to the posting with some regularity now! ;) We got an offer on our house- and its going through the inspection process now. -- They want to close by Aug 15th- isnt that fantastic? ;) I cant wait to have this off of our plates! Hope everyone is having a happy summer!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Welcome baby Price!

DSC00671, originally uploaded by amydell.

A Note to Price:

Dear Price-

We've waited a long time for your mommy and daddy to have you- and you are FINALLY here! Welcome to the world- and to Houston! It's hot- (you picked the hottest time of the year to join us)- and also the most fun time of the year to have a birthday party! Your mama did so well today- and we're all really proud of her- she is a trooper! Take it easy on her okay? Don't stay up too late at night and cry until unbearable hours of the morning. Be sure and come and visit often- Brooke and Bryce want to teach you how to beat the hell outa TU -- just like daddy taught them- ASAP- :) (Whoop!)--

Welcome, welcome little one- we love you!

Auntie Amydell~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday- USA!!

4th, originally uploaded by amydell.

There's nothing like a two year old- and fireworks!! The 'ewwss' and 'ahhhh's'-- adorable!!

I explained to Brooke (on the way over to the private nature preserve we watched fireworks at) that we were going to "celebrate the "birthday" of the United States!" and that we were going to see "lights in the sky" as part of the celebration. She thought about this- got a huge grin on her face and promptly replied- "BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!"-- which, in essence- IS a birthday to a two year old I guess.

After we arrived there- we set up our chairs and settled in for a delightful display of fireworks that not only lit up the beach immediately in front of us- (the Hilton had a fireworks show for their guests) but we could also see shows going on as far as we could see down the beach. It was wonderful! The babies loved it- and kept saying "MORE, MORE" and "MAS!!, MAS" , "Again" and "Ewwwww, SPARKLES!" This has certainly been a great trip for us- and the kiddos are having a great time here in Destin. Who would have known that they would be such a joy to travel with? I get the assurance that they are okay- and taken care of- and plenty of family to watch out for them when my eyes wander away for a minute or I "need" to grab another glass of wine or a beer! ;) I can’t ever remember having this much fun on a vacation. I also can’t remember a time when I felt more patriotic. It's been wonderful- and I'm thankful for the people who are in Iraq- fighting for my right to enjoy this holiday with my family. HAPPY 4th!