Monday, January 23, 2006


I love this blog.. I love that she is so right on.. like a fortune cookie! ;) I needed this quote today-- and SHE posted it! Every new day begins with possibilities. It's up to us to fill it with the things that move us toward progress and peace. - Ronald Reagan


So I'm sitting here, at my desk- computer at hand- and being LAZY- I've already surfed this morning for at least an hour. Not really looking for anything- but visiting all of my fav. blogs and such. Reading about that poor Whale in London. What a freaking weird thing to happen, huh? So- after this, I think I'll run to Specs and grab Kat a case of vino to "thank" her for all the duds she brought over for Brooke. ADOREABLE! Can you say RL, Baby Gap & J&J? Not to mention like 6 pairs of shoes and the cutest PJ's I've ever seen in my life. I cannot believe how generous she and Lance are. They continue to amaze us- and the fact that they have 2 girls -- well,, thats a bonus for Brooke if they have one dress in purple and blue! ;) So- I need to THANK her- and generously! She loves wine-- I love free clothes.. Its a marriage made in heaven! ;) P and I took B&B to the park this morning. They played and played, and slid down the slides and got wet from all of the rain we've been getting. They loved it though- and I think they even got a little pooped out- because we just laid them down for their nap and I dont hear a peep! (bonus!) Mommies night out is tonight for the group of 300 mommies here in the Heights that tries to get together once in a while. I dont usually take B&B to playgroups, just because they always seem to pick up a cootie-- but I like to frequent the MNO's just to see who's lurking on our message boards and who is participating. ITs all good fun. I think they made plans to go to the Black Lab: -- in a different life- I worked across the street from there- (Red Sky Interactive) -- which was a part of the "DOT COM" crap -- and we claimed the Lab as our place to drink and eat-- FREQUENTLY! Oh Houston- what a place... Did I mention that mom came into Houston for New Years and our 8th (count em!) anniversary? We watched the kiddos and we went to the SKYLINE for a night out. It was fun. Bills boss and wife came and our bestest friends D & L came too. Fun fun! ;) I'm hoping this week will slow a little bit- I'm working on deadlines and I'm out the door now to eat a few dumplings with Bill. I need to work on a project- and get back here with enough time to finish that up for "the man" this afternoon. Write more later.

The Natural

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Nuf Said! ;)

I'll be grown...

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Before you know it! I hope its not out of the ordinary to sneak into their room at all hours of the night-- just to stare at them. I mean for GODS SAKES- he's PRECIOUS! And- he's growing more each day. Look at those Converse- his Grandma got him! I want to give them some sort of "anti-growing up" pill. They seem to say more and be more aware each day. My sister in law is expecting her twin boys in just a few weeks! Whew! I dont envy the work she and my brother have ahead of them! I thought B&B would kill us! How did we live through that? ;) But look at em now! Little people- that cant make us more happy than they do!!!


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Shes growing at an alarming rate. Before I know it, she'll be sassing me and letting me know how little I know. The relationship between her and Bryce is adorable and they each learn to give just a little more each say and share each adult in their lives with each other. They break our hearts they are so cute! :)