Monday, May 12, 2008

Swimming Through Space

Today was the day! My wee-ones had their first swim lesson! I was able to find a local gal that is going to teach them privately- at a local pool that doesn't open until after Memorial Day. She is AWESOME! Little did I know at the time- some folks at work had been passing around her info- and she is the "gal-pal" of one of my co-workers! So- it all worked out splendidly! She took the "b's" on - for 10 lessons and arranged to meet me tonight to have their first lesson! She was kind, gentle and happy- but firm- which I think is necessary with two- 4 year olds. She even mentioned that next lesson- we may want to step to the side- and wait in the wings- while she schools them. UGH! Wasn't dropping them off with Mrs. Cooper (Their PK3 teacher) enough- last year? I wanted so badly to be the "hover" parent- but I know that my mom wasn't that way- and I'm pretty sure my mother in law wasn't either- and somehow- B & I survived our childhood- relatively unscathed- so I backed off. So- Here's the video of my princess ROLLING over like a champ-while her brother screams from the other side "GET ME OUT MOMMY!"

This is how Faith first teaches them to float.

This is how she teaches them to kick and blow bubbles.

One lesson down- NINE to go!

I remember growing up- my dad would keep me in the summers. One of the reasons he picked the house he did off Meyer St. was because it was basically a block and a half from the neighborhood pool We all (all 5 of us) would walk to the pool each day (alone) and walk home for lunch, a nap and go back almost always in the afternoon for another swim upon my dads arrival home from work. Those are great memories- I even life guarded at Seabrook pool when I was 17 for a short part of the summer. It was lots of fun. I wouldnt trust my children to walk outside my front door now without supervision- but hey- those were different times I suppose. Seabrook was just a sleepy little fishing town with a bay- (This was WAY before Tillman ever hit the scene and built the Kemah boardwalk. Just the same- I love those memories. Good times, good times!

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