Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adorable little Family

Oh little "wee ones" - will you always hold eachothers hands?
Will you always love to steal bubble gum out of my purse- and claim that you "accidentally swallowed it"?
Will you always say "I love you so much that my heart breaks" any old time?? :)
Will you always like pink nailpolish- little belle? and leave it on for precisely 15 minutes after I polish your tiny little nails, then ask me to re-do them?
Will you always try and sneak into mine and daddys bed at 2:45 am- just to "have a snuggle"?
Will you always proclaim- "mama- I AM a big boy- I'm almost bigger than daddy, and someday- if I eat my ve-geee-tables, I'll grow up to go to A&M" ;>
I hope you always will do these things, I hope my documentation of these things serves as a constant reminder of these sweet, precious times with you- my lovely family. I cherish you- (all three of you!)
Each day is another delight- another realization that you are in fact growing and are the family I always dreamt of.

1 comment:

Krissy said...

Seriously, Amydell...those kids are too freakin cute :)

And, when I get back to HTown I will invite you to dinner club ;)