Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Laura

How I've grown to love you over the past year and a half. You've befriended me and had countless glasses of wine with me- you've been a confidant and friend. (Thank You!) I know how hard it is to be 25, (you are TEN years my junior my love) and I remember ultimately 11 years ago- how my arrival back in Houston sparked many turning points in my life. Most of which led to extreme failure, after failure- (relationship wise) and it seemed that I would never reach my stride with a man and a job- but I did... There were people who made promises to me- which led me back to Houston in the first place- from a "dead-end career" with Delta- and there were people that I fell madly in love with- that I look back on now- and know could never have loved me back... I led to a lot of loneliness. I say this- because I want you to know that I've been there. You are unique- but you're feelings are not. Everyone my dear- reaches a turning point in their life- that leads to paths which previously were unclear- each a building block to the next. Hang in there! Know and love yourself- know we are here to love you and honor your friendship. ITS HARD to be new in the 4th largest city in the country- and know your place immediately. You will- with time. Get to know yourself. Get to know what YOU like. You may never have another opportunity! When fate sends the person of your dreams to your door- they usually aren't waiting to "get to know you"- they want you to have figured out where you are in life prior to their arrival. - Children and adulthood dont help this evolution much- so take the time you need now to get to know what your dislikes and aspirations are- you may never have another quiet moment in your life to hear yourself talk! (Believe me- I feel this way now!)- Know that you are loved! and certainly not alone! Dell~

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