Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Social Media, who is missing the boat?

In the past few weeks- I've been tasked with looking into how SM can help the company I work for in the areas of channel marketing as well as retention of customers and leveraging our colleagues to reach out to others and "spread the good word". - wow! I couldn't have known the depth or the weightiness of that request- I'm glad I didn't! This article is one that really hits the nail on the head for social media guru's such as Jeremiah- (look left and click on his blog!) and people who are using SM to reach out to others from a grassroots perspective. If only the people who are speaking about and using SM could articulate it and the necessity of it to the leaders of our corporations... We try- and someday- we'll hit the right nail- and drive it right in! I'm lucky. I work for a relatively small company (in the whole scheme of things) and having a constant influx of incoming employees helps with the whole idea of being "connected". We simply will not- (cannot) ignore the importance of social media in the space of business. When you look at companies like Starbucks, McDonald's, and Apple there is a presence that makes them more of a way of life than a company. You're not just getting a cup of Joe at Starbucks- you're buying an atmosphere, and experience. The really lucky ones can accomplish this type of brand presence and its not come by easily. The influx of wi-fi and wireless hubs into the Houston area is staggering! Companies WANT you to come, stay a while and "connect"... Hard to believe- but my favorite little wine bar is one of those places! (Luv you- Corkscrew!) Why, you can even step up to the counter at McDonald's and buy a Big Mac and get your wifi-on while you eat. Seriously- the problems this presents are more than just lack of attention to driving while you whip out your Blackberry whilst getting on the 45 to head downtown from the Heights- (umm.. personal experience??) to getting some guy to ask you out on a date and LEAVE the damn thing in the car while your eating dinner (thanks for that little nugget Chrissy!) I cant IMAGINE dating now! The "need" to know right now- has trumped the idea of a little "mystery"- (Have I mentioned that I'm thrilled that I no longer am in the dating arena?? ;) Attention to details like calling in advance (The Wednesday rule) - have kind of flown out the door with the Tweets ;) Still- I believe that there is value in this new marketplace. I think that although it deafens some folks to the necessity of social grace- (which, inevitably some folks will always possess a deficiency of) it also connects us like no other generation has ever experienced. We're lucky- now lets figure out how to unleash this in the marketplace.

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