Monday, September 22, 2008

The privacy of strangers

We've fared well through the storm- now its back to business. I cant help but take a few moments though to mention a post by a complete stranger about my neighborhood and our home. I'd like to set the record straight that we left town FOR A WEEK on Saturday, had no electricity through the week we were gone. We returned home and had to deal with the sad loss of one of our beloved family pets, the loss of most of our trees and our fences. All of this coupled with the fact that my 4 year old twins had no available childcare other than moi and my precious husband worked from a Chic-fillet for the week we were gone! (Thank God for wi-fi, electricity and a playground which allowed me to work a little as well!) All of this made for a tough week! (I've edited this post to speak to the sincerity of a reply I got from my earlier rant on Houstonist.) I appreciate your writing me back. I appreciate your explanation. Stepping down now (off my soap box, that is!)

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