Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hot Natchez Nights

I've just returned from Natchez, Mississippi- the state of my darling husbands "raisins". Although- Gustav tried to ruin our trip to visit my dear Aunt Margaret- the storm didnt sway us! My friend from college and I ran over for a few days of touring Antebellum homes, site seeing and just plain fun! We had it alright! We had three days of little or no electricity. Prior to loosing said power- we toured Longwood, Stanton Hall and tried to make a dash for a couple more, but got stopped by the fantastic Mint Julep's at Dunleith. (I kid you not, I could have never left that place by the sheer fact that those darn Mint Julep's are so great- to add insult to injury, the food at the carriage house at Stanton Hall was AMAZING! They have been written up in Southern Living- and it is NO JOKE- the Fried Chicken looked DIVINE! I had the Fried Oyster salad and butter biscuits. Added on a little custard sauce with praline sauce too. If you ever find yourself in the city of Natchez, don't miss "city market" where we spent our last morning this morning with a platter of hot scrambled eggs, and grits and bacon. I feel like I need to run a marathon for the food alone I consumed this week! Check out my Flickr feed for a few shots from our little jaunt, enjoy!

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