Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hey y'all- we've gotten tons of calls and emails wanting to know if we'll leave town for the storm. We've decided to stay around Houston. We're not in a mandatory evacuation area, in 77008. The storm looks to be speeding up a little (5mph) but breaking up a tiny bit. Check out this website for updates.
Yesterday- Reliant let us go about noon. They shut down the whole Houston & Corpus Christy operation Friday. Here are some shots from downtown about 1pm yesterday. There were lines of people lining up for the buses to take commuters back home from all of the suburbs. You never really see lines like this. I guess everyone in Houston got released around 12:00? Check out the lines at the gas station I stopped in at. They were out of regular unleaded too! (That was Thurs @ noon!)
Will post more as the day progresses!

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Zan said...

I hope you guys are ok and get your power back soon! We weathered the storm on the north side of town, too, but we're in the hill country today. xxoo!