Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Houston on the mend

I dont know what I was thinking this morning when I left my house... Most times, I hop onto Main St. and jump to I45 for a 3 minute drive to my office garage. Typically this takes no more than 7-10 minutes depending on traffic. Not this morning! It took me at least a half hour to get to work! Grrrr...!!! Not fun when you arent expecting it- and certainly not fun when your trying to get in at a decent hour!
One bright side of the story is I got to see my beautiful city from a different angle this morning and it was BREATHTAKING! ;) It was hard to capture just how pretty it was on a camera phone- but you get the drift. Thank you Houston for making me so happy!

1 comment:

Krissy said...

Glad y'all are ok! I'm anxious to see how Houston is when I'm back next week!

Love your hair by the way.