Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thanks Daddy!

Our 2 year old kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hermann Park- More importantly, the train! They cannot walk past without saying "Choooooo Choooooo!" and "Thomas!"-- It costs a family of four TEN dollars (GASP!) to ride around the park for the three minute ride. It's almost unspeakable! I know that there is a ton of upkeep that must have to be done to keep these trains running- but it still seems pricy! This past week- when I was walking (alone) to the water pad (ACROSS the park) from the zoo parking lot-I had two babies- (Did I mention they are two?) a cooler on wheels (thank you Jesus for rolling coolers!) and various bags, backpacks and toys that "had" to be brought along for their enjoyment-(which they never used.) :-) "So there I was,-IN THE CONGO" and moving at an alarmingly slow pace- to get past the parking lot without one of them getting squashed by a passing vehicle and I decided to put Brooke on the rolling cooler. Yep- you guessed it- she fell off-! IN FRONT of the train! - NOT The tracks, but the ticket house-- I knew better-- but the GASPS and hushed whispers that I got-while slothing by were the most shaming I've gotten in recent history. (I'm totally expecting the "mother of the year" award this weekend, next to my pancakes in bed, which I won’t be holding my breath for!) So- I promised her we would ride the train later if she just stopped sobbing of front of the angry mob. This is her ---> with her "better judgment" daddy, safe and not riding on any ice chests. Thank you, Daddy- for the $$ train ride and for helping me get them to their birthday party- relatively unscathed.


CKG said...

amydell - we've all been there! I put my daughter on a rocking horse at The Right Start then proceeded to rock it for her only to watch her knock her only 2 teeth right into the horsie handle bars. nice. the woman at the store all but called children's svcs on me! great pics, we love the train too!

Anonymous said...

Those looks of judgement were either from non-parents or you were confusing them with looks of horror as they remembered when they did the exact same thing to their kid.

I fell out of a moving car (back before seatbelts were used) when I was 5 and I turned out (relatively) fine.

(Quick question - why pay $10 for a train ride when you can feed the Hermann Park squirrels for free?) :)


Buffy said...

That is such a gorgeous photo.