Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Beauty of Brooke's "Bling"

CIMG7937 Originally uploaded by amydell.
What is it about jewelry that makes every girls heart go pitter patter? Even at TWO my munchkin has an affinity for picking out the prettiest and shiniest pieces in my jewelry box. There are plenty of places to pick up some cool bling in Houston- some of my favorites include 'Wish', Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. Here is what is making my heart pitter patter this month- maybe i'll find a way to swing it and grab one of these? Or these? (Because you know, my dears, that bling is much more than jewlry! ;) Oh- to be two again and happy with plastic and shiny beads! They are much cheaper- and made me just as happy at that point!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the brown dress. Gorgeous! (And the baby pic is pretty darn cute too.) :)