Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A wave to my "people" from the train

Check out the most adorable chick-a-dee in South Texas! This is just a snapshot of why we love her sweet-sunny disposition. While Granny B was in town last week- we took B&B to the Houston Zoo and on a train ride before hand-- since the boy had never ridden a large scale (smokey) train (shouldn't everyone at some point?) and the girl wasn't wasting any time- waving to her peeps- it all worked out. She always stops briefly to say "hi" or "bye" to just about everyone- and she has a very outgoing personality (as displayed in her internet movie debut) I just wish I could put some of her sweetness (now) in a bottle and keep it for a time when I'm about to loose it with her -- pull it out- and out pour the giggles and sunshine. My dad called today- first thing out of his mouth was "Aint it a booooooooootieeefull day, Sunshine?" -- I used to say to him- "aint it a boooooooootiefull day, daddy?" -- so when he's thinking of me- he usually calls and says that. Maybe baby girl gets her sunshine genetically? I wonder?? Take away all of the stress, two mortgages, consulting business, DH working for a fledgling business, and a "money pit" to constantly be sinking money into-- I might be all sunshine and giggles too. Aint it a bitch what adulthood does to a person?

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