Sunday, March 12, 2006

First Haircut

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Today was the day-- Bryce's first haircut. It was lots of fun for him to watch his daddy get all of his hair cut off- but when it was his turn- he didnt think it was as much fun. He liked the water bottle and watching himself in the mirror. But that was just a quick diversion- then he screamed!!!! (He's a little dramatic-- just like me!) Here's a pic of my two handsome men- outside Doug and Dons barber shop, here in the Heights. HOW precious are they?? ;) Click on the pic for a stream of all of the pictures that we took today. Next he'll be going off to school- or something else equally as horrible. How could they grow up so quickly? I saved little locks of his hair and think of how my mom did the same thing with my hair. -- Oh sweet times! ;)


Anonymous said...
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Robin said...

Pearl had her first haircut recently too. We went to Venus Salon on 19th. Many photo ops there!