Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Out with the old- In with the new!

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Things are happening at a lighting fast pace lately- We've decided to tear up the flooring- and have the kitchen floors re-leveled and the walls all painted to a neutral color in our 100 year old home. (Not the new one) -- Its more work than we had bargained for and getting people there to do the work has been a task in itself. Harder than getting the workers there to actually WORK- is seeing the house go through this transformation. Although it still "belongs" to us- (we are monetarily responsible for it)- it becomes less and less ours as each day passes. It's as if I'm painting over memories. Mostly memories like when Bill and I did a 'PK' (pre-kids) faux-painting frenzy in the dining room and went all night (literally till 6am) to get it painted for an upcoming dinner party. Lesson #1. Dont paint a room with little ventilation just before a party (where people will be eating!) unless you want nauseated guests!!! :) Other memories that made this house ours were the bright yellow walls and faux finishes that we painted throughout- as well as the "death-tile" that was installed in the kitchen previous to our moving in. (The nanny and I affectionately call it that- because when the babies were learning to walk- if something was spilled on the slick porcelain tile- then they would slip and 'eat it'- every time they walked. Oh-the memories!! (good and bad) -- I think that the "changes" we've made will def. help sell the house. The sad thing that never dawned on me, is the detachment I would have to go through to wipe away the "beardshall's" and make it clean and fresh for someone else to build and paint new memories in it. It's heartbreaking. It's also heartbreaking not to have sold it yet. Although- the "detachment depression" one feels when they sell a home never really happened until now. Since we've still owned the home- we've been able to go in it any time. Such is life- ever-changing. We'll build new memories, in our new place and say good bye to the old. C'est la vie!


Buffy said...

I'm ok with selling-up. I just hate moving. I lose all heart to make a house a home when I know it's not going to be mine.

But money talks.....

K said...

Sounds like some serious renovations...good luck with it all!