Friday, April 07, 2006

How do I count the ways?

Today- I had to deal a lot with work. Normal stuff- but stuff that I usually wouldn’t be doing. So my Friday was fried. That being said- I got to work with a gal that I had met a few weeks ago at a team meeting. Let me tell you- she rocks. Not just for the beauty she exudes when she walks in a room, but also for the independence and sharpness that is evident is each question she asks. That being said- I'd like to mention the things that I (as an outsider) noticed about her. Because (as she would say) "as a Diva, everyone needs to know my opinion!" ;) ** Perfect Hair- perfect- not a gray, not a wave out of place, cute coife -extroidinare! ** Perfect nails—That’s my gal!!!- and just up my alley- no explanation needed! ** Smart- Need I say more? ** Lives in the Rockies! (Does it get any cooler than that?) ** Hikes, walks, runs with the wolves! (Or her German shepherd!) ** Cute Boyfriend- No explanation needed. ** Drinks Shiner and Chardonnay at the same time. (that’s just COOL!) And these are just a few. -- Some people feel a need to say that they are jealous of my "situation"-- not needed... To: "some people"-- I'm jealous of YOUR life. The best thing, is that we get to be girlfriends and live vicariously through each other! Rock on -- in your big monster truck- mama! ;)

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