Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Soccer, anyone?

So- I know- B has to get some exercise, I know he needs to get out with his guy pals and have a few beers and bitch that I've been sick and testy all week-- but does he HAVE to do it tonight? ugh! Babies are napping- I went to Wal-mart to restock the pantry-- and now I'm not going to cook at all, for one. I'm "luxuriating" in my leather chair, reading my days email and listening to my voicemails having just shoved the electrician out the door. (Our panel, ((100 years old)) was sparking and cutting off my a/c units. ) Not a good thing in Houston, on a 100 degree day! I'm wondering just how many things young women my age (33 OMG!) do in a day?? Rattling them off at this point seems pointless and self indulgent, which is just what my mom always tried to talk me out of being. But it just never seems to end... There is ALWAYS something else to do- and always another repair man to beg to show up and fix something. Welcome to the world of old houses. ;) I was thinking today of how much we will miss this place. Although, it is on a busy street and in a not-so-great neighborhood, we brought our babies home to this place. We rocked them to sleep in a nursery in this house that had been meticulously designed just for them. It seems kind of sad. I'm ready to move on, but the letting go will be hard. It always is though, huh? On to our next project and on to our next set of worries and "repair men" ;) At least the freaking nanny showed up today... With stories of looters, no electricity and no gas. It made for an interesting first cup of coffee this morning.

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