Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And she makes contact...

Okay- so I hate to be overly dramatic (but I'm really good at it!) The nanny called from a pay phone tonight about 7:30- she said she was planning to bless us with her presence tomorrow. Her alleged story is that she hasnt had power since last week, and that there were "looters" in her neighborhood, she was afraid to leave her home because she didnt want to get broken into. Huh.. 1. She worried the crap out of us-- 2. I had the shittiest birthday ever 3. I'm sick So- all of these things considered-- I think I'll sleep on it- and talk to her in the morning. We have way too much history to fire her out right. I'm not looking for another mother for the "b"'s,,, I'm looking for someone to watch them while I work-- AT HOME--- Lets be real here..

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