Monday, September 26, 2005

Post Rita- we're TIRED!

What a week! We've been around the world in just a few days it seems. The babies have fared well- and we're TIRED! I heard someone say the other day that "Rita was like Christmas break- we all drove a long way to get to our destinations, we ate a lot, we got bored and we got a ""gift"" but it was still dissapointing." hehe.. I liked that one! We posted new pics of Brooke and Bryce-- enjoying a day outside today. It was really hot- early in the day- and Bill and I thought we'd be able to sleep in-- because our nanny was supposed to be here at -0830-- she never showed-- never called- and she doesnt have a home phone-- so how the hell are we supposed to know if she's alive and well? We were both pretty pissed when she didnt even show the gumption to give us a call or to show up. We had a great day with the kiddos anyway-- its been 5 days since we left Houston in preperation for Rita. We went to my moms farm and held out there. Wasn't much of an "event" for us. Brooke and Bryce got a little break and got to run around and chase things, eat grass, and lots of treats via their nana. ;) Fun fun! and daddy got to watch the Aggies win against TEXAS STATE... The best part was that we had a free baby sitter- and got to watch from the Zone Club, thanks to our super great friend who hooked us up in the 12th man foundation office. So- it was like Christmas-- we had a great time!

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