Friday, June 11, 2010

Technology Parenting

September, 1972- Richard Nixon was in office, the first episode of The Price is Right was hosted by Bob Barker and the Vietnam war was in full swing. My mother was in the hospital, and had been for some time, recovering from injuries she sustained in a car accident. She's got a baby on the way, no nursery-outfitted to the nines, no "Babies R'us", no big deal. Thats just how she "rolled". Times were much simpler, right? But were they just her version of simple? Flash forward to 2004, when we had our twins. Similar story, but my mandatory "incarceration" in the hospital on bedrest was to "cook" my twins a little longer and was very unexpected. I had the ability to get online wirelessly in my hospital room (Thank you Memorial Herman!) and have delivered a littany of baby products ranging from wireless baby monitors, Baby Einstein videos that were "statistically proven to make them smarter!", vibrating bouncy chairs, bottles, binkies, blankies, all backed up by customer reviews and forums with thousands of comments from parents who had recently purchased the same products.
What a difference 32 years makes! Being a mom in 2010 vs. 1970's (from an information perspective) is the difference between drinking from a water fountain vs. a fire hose! The pressure to navigate the gauntlet of technical parenthood and make the right decisions is just one product review away from failure! Its amazing that my brother and I made it though our childhood without my parents ability to share socially with countless, faceless, consumers who had an opinion about what they were about to buy.
Its not easier to be inundated with information- its just more to wade through and think about. Thoughts?

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