Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Really? You hate heavy whites? Wine.. that is....

I've had it up to here with people complaining about Chardonnays and Viognier's, etc... There was a time, when my palette was much less developed- and at that time- I may have fallen for a Sauvignon Blanc or Muscadelle... I'm just so past that! I think you should be too. Houston summers SUCK! (I mean- well...) they are torture! We have to get by any way we know how- in the heat! These are a few whites that will help you get settled into summer and deal with the 90+ degree days. Here are my TOP 5 picks for "entry into summer" wines.. These are picked based on my taste buds- and some on Bills- but we typically agree- a bottle of "everyday" wine should not cost you more than $15-20 dollars, but more closely to $10-15. As my friend Chris Pietre would say, "dont hate, just participate!" I'd love to know what you think too! 1.) 2008, (Oakville California) Simpson Vineyard, "Miner" Viognier Well rounded, plush, vibrant fruit (not tart) Apples, pears 11.00 Specs 2.) 2006. (Sonoma County) Parkers Estate, Chardonnay Reserve Beautiful, some oak, apple and honey. Perfect for "front porch" entertaining- or with a grilled piece of Salmon. 14.00 Krogers & Specs 3.) 2007 (Santa Ynez, California) Bridlewood, Viognier Reserve Moderate acidity, sugar, honey, oak (light) excellent "food" wine. Brie and honey. 19.00 Kroger (Probably cheaper at Specs) 4.) 2008 Bottled in Santa Rosa, Ca., Kendall Jackson, Vinters Reserve, Tropical, oak, pineapple, mango, citrus- but not "bite-y"... Perfect Sunday afternoon in the yard wine. 11.00 Kroger 5.) (no year) Candoni, Prosecco Brut. yummy! 14.00 any close Kroger! Enjoy!

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