Monday, January 25, 2010


It's hard to believe my last post was in September! There have been many things in the works over the past few months- and taking the time to search and explore has opened several new avenues in my life. For one- the house seems to always be clean ;) a meal is mostly always on the table, if not, plans to get one are in the works mostly as a family. I'm exploring my inner foodie, and inner organizer.. (don't ask me where that's going, I still haven't figured it out!) The last of the home tour decorations will come down this week. We were featured in a few write up's as well as in local newspapers and magazines that are specific to the Heights. Last week we visited a local place Thai Spice, on 19th street- and there were a few Heights magazines laying on a bench by the door. Bryce casually said as we walked by them "hey mama, there's our house!" He enjoyed it as much as we did I think! We're busy making plans for the twins summer camps and activities and our yearly visit to Gulfshores Alabama- to stay in Beck Flacks fun and ultra cool condo at the Beach Club. I cant wait- and find that I'm getting spring fever already.. its only FEBRUARY!! ;) I'm also trying out some new technologies like building a website for the Heights Woman's Club ( )and Google WAVE. It seems like a very useful technology. Esp. for project managers.

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