Sunday, September 06, 2009

Checking back in!

I havent posted much lately. There have been lots of things going on. Life has proven again to only be as fun as the moment you are in! ;) For starters, my children started kindergarten two weeks ago. They were so precious with their little back packs and thermos's and uniforms... Brooke exclaimed as she left each morning for school "kindergarten is COOL"-- I love that she is so challenged and so receptive to this huge change in her life. Bryce on the other hand isnt as thrilled. He likes the new school- but cant seem to keep his yap shut long enough to keep his "green car" on the performace chart- in GREEN.. It is often "yellow" and apparently "yellow isnt perfect"... So-- thats whats up with the kids. On another front- I've closed the door on another chapter of my life. There were 40+ workers laid off this past week- and I was one of them. They let several project managers go- leaving the bare bones to run the projects. Im wondering if this is just the beginning of some significant cost savings mesures? In some ways this result makes me feel lucky. I was early enough to get a package and a gentle nudge out the door. I hope all behind me are so lucky. So, I'm taking a little time to re-set and figure out what it is that I "want" to do next. I'm thrilled that the economy seems to be in a up cycle and I am in the heart of energy country. There probably wont be much idle time spent.. so I'll enjoy it while I have the gift of that. Otherwise, things are well with us. We spent our first weekend up at Aggieland this weekend, watching A&M beat the hell-outa New Mexico State. Was a fun weekend- filled with friends, a few drinks and kids getting back into the football season. They always love being there- and I love that my beautiful, smart hubby enjoys our time spent at Aggie football! Take the time to write when you can.. I enjoy hearing from you! :)

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Glenda said...

Enjoyed reading your latest blog entry! You are courageous and always full of heart! Love you!

Aunt G.