Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm Tired!

I'm wondering why I lay in bed and hear my children (4 year olds) in the next room?? ITS FREAKING 10:30! Aren't they the least bit tired? I certainly am- and I'm pretty sure I didn't have the exhausting recess they did today or the jaunt around the park with the nanny. Needless to say- we're exhausted. We've pretty much been cursing our friends who have "insta-parents" who hover over their children at the slightest mention of maybe wanting to go and grab a Starbuck$ or maybe when the baby needs changing... I'm going to vomit if I hear how one more of them ran to "Vegas" for the weekend with their spouse" or ran off to the spa with their girlfriend for the weekend... Where do these parents come from? Mine can barely make it through a football weekend without bringing them back to us mid-way through a weekend! Our kids are our greatest joy- and our biggest responsibility- all at the same time, ALL of the time!! Geesh- that's a lot of pressure! They've tested for the G&T program next year (in Kinder) and they are right on track to start up this coming fall. We've basically been planning on this since their birth... No one tells you when you have a baby how expensive or heart wrenching or exhausting-wait I think I already used exhausting-- it is... Not to mention with TWINS! They never let up... We're trying to keep our spirits up by telling ourselves- "its only an 18-25 year commitment"- 5 of which we've completed-- but I don't think it will ever end!! (Not that I want it to...) It will help when we all get over the bird flu that the kids brought home from school, no doubt! In the mean time,, I'm just going to wallow in self pity- and despair... and wish a "fairy-spa-mother" would drop some fairy dust on me- complete with a hot rock massage, mani-pedi, and a facial.. Just an entire weekend of silence and solitude. No yelling about who stole who's Lego or endless questions about why the moon is round like cheese or why birds feathers fall off... Ahhh.. the joys of motherhood. x2!!!

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