Monday, February 16, 2009

"Go Celts!"

IMG_6187, originally uploaded by amydell.

Not only is that the mantra of my Alma Mater- but the guy in the middle was quite a cutie! ;) Maybe it was the red socks I was attracted to? Or the salt & pepper hair? Regardless- I enjoyed being out and about with some of my "peeps" at yesterdays Celtic festival, in the Heights. The Scotch Eggs weren't bad either! (This was my first try- I was a virgin Scotch egg Irish-lady" ;) My obviously German children needed to know where their mama's peeps come from- so this was a great festival for them. They think all of our men run around in brightly colored skirts- and that we have jumpies on our church grounds! Not a bad way to get them indoctrinated! ;)

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