Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kiddos Packing Care Packages for the Soldiers in Iraq

The Kiddos LOVED packing the care packages for the soldiers over in Iraq. Bryce's little fingers had to be pryed off of the matchbox cars- and we had to explain to him that there were other children that would love to have these toys. Brooke eyed the "goldfish" and almost crushed one of the bags she was so excited. It was a good day- we all felt great to do something fun together and to make others happy by letting them know we appreciate what they are doing! I'd like to plug a website that I'm going to challenge you to donate to- Read his entries and pass on a note of encouragement if you can- or maybe a care package? He's a good Ag! - and thats Good Bull!

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lunaliar said...

OMG! No kidding, I'm from the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 'O5! WHOOP!

And those women on Belle's site -- WTF?? I know. It's gotta be something in the air up North. You couldn't pay me enough to live up there!