Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How Nice to Be Southern!

So, there they were- after drinking my morning coffe and sauntering to my mailbox still in my pajamas- I peered in and there they sat!! Beautiful paper, beautiful handwriting, addressed lovingly with the name that I've adopted with marriage-- "Mrs. Amydell Beardshall" and "Mrs. Beardshall"- how lovely and wonderful! And I thought- "How nice to be Southern!" These notes of 'Thanks' made every second of work and preparation- worth the effort! Rarely do I get the attention of such notes, so when I do receive them- I cherish them! They contained such nuggets of love as "... we were all happy and delighted guests!", "I enjoyed every minute of my stay" and "I have never seen such attention to detail and I loved it all." -- My mother made me this way! I must confess- Southern women aren't just born Southern- we're bred. I've often felt that etiquette and adoration shown to people that provide enjoyment for me is of the utmost importance. I absolutely love, love, love to entertain- but find that people rarely return the favor. In days past- people would meet for lavish or simple - lovingly prepared dinners and parties- as a part of their social engagement calendars. No internet- no phone-- letters and correspondence were their method of exchange, giving them something to look forward to outside of slopping the hogs and weeding the garden. It was seen as a mode of entertainment before the "tonight show" and Nintendo. How Delightful it must have been to just sit on the front porch after supper- with a glass of iced tea and chat about the neighborhood or the state of the Union. I often think I was born at the wrong time- (barring the necessity of central air and heat) It was more genteel and certainly more fussy. I like that. I LIKE spending time to entertain my friends and family- who am I without them? I putter and primp in preparation for my next feast, I crave the conversations of the evening under candle light and good wine. I am here to please and pamper you, for without you, I am not happy. So thank YOU- for those notes of 'Thanks"- they made my day- they might have even made my year! I'm off to write a couple of my own now with fresh thoughts of appreciation on my pen!

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Leigh said...

Hi Amydell!

I love this post! I oft feel I was born into the wrong era too. Give me a veranda and a long letter or good book anyday!

And I completely agree with you about thank you notes--to take the time to sit down and write one's appreciation is just something I was always taught to do...(However, I'm feeling a little less lovingly about them of late since I've had to write a few hundred re wedding gifts ;)

Anyway, hope this finds you well! Keep in touch!

xo, L