Monday, February 13, 2006

Sneek a peek at the Beardshalls

OMG- I am SOOOOOO laughing about this! Check out the particularly humerous posts in the comments section! I'd like to make my own personal comments about this whole debacle-- first-- WHAT is the issue with people hunting birds? We (almost all of us) eat chicken and duck and other fowl, every day! Although, I realize that these birds are killed in a manufacturing plant-(which I have some problems with vs. shooting them for SPORT) -- I dont see the issue with the sport of hunting fowl. YOU EAT THEM! You dont leave them on the ground to rot!! Secondly, I've heard some pretty amusing banter about this issue today- on talk radio- Sam Malone-(a local Celebre-joc) was on KPFT today ranting about how "officials shouldnt be allowed to hunt while they are in office"- I think he is now on my list of "Houstons 100 most stupid people" Whats next? Public officials arent allowed to go to church--Baptists know how dangerous that can be lately, dont they? Or rollerskate-- (thats dangerous, isnt it?), shopping in public or out to dinner (esp. not a Lubys in Killeen,Tx.) WHAT A STUPID dumbass thing to say! Should all public officials be locked in their homes upon electon? He used the analogy that "we wouldnt just let them out to walk around the Galleria w/o security" well-- I'm sure there was plenty of security there too, being the VICE prez of the US! and I'll bet NONE of them were stading in the line of fire! Americans have a right to bear arms--that includes hunting, Sammy! I havent hunted all my life- but I have had hundreds of hours around guns, shooting skeet and target practice with pistols. (My dad was a cop) I cant really fathom the issue here-- this lawyer from Austin (according to reports) was apparently walking in the line of fire-- something you should NEVER do while someone is hunting! (Hellooooo-- clue phone, its for you, Anyhoo- I just thought this topic was classic- and worth a rant!

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