Monday, September 20, 2010

Conduct? It's such a strict word

We've been battling conduct grades the past few days. I'll be honest-I expected this day to come. I wanted nothing more than to raise a high spirited, confident, smart, beautiful little girl- and that's what we got... I wasn't planning on the other things that come along with being all of those things.
Before we got to first grade, she was the thoughtful-shy-and Witty girl. Now she's the beautiful, free-spirited, "I don't feel like reading" girl.. She's much rather paint or draw that read.. She'd much rather run and play than sit and study her site words.
Last week- she was given a citation at school for cutting in line in front of another student, and then later for smacking someone for making fun of her for getting in trouble. It's so hard to teach a kid to see the wrong in cutting in the first place, which led to the teasing and smacking. She's a hard one to raise. She kind of likes to dive into life- and "cut the crust off" as she see's fit.
Alternately- Bryce is pretty happy reading, playing video games and doing what we ask of him, as long as it doesn't require him to compete with his sister. If there is competition- it is usually heated. It's easier just to avoid all forms of comparison-although we did call out that ALL of Bryce's conduct grades have been excellent. (Which wasn't appreciated by the daughter.. AT ALL!) So, after being grounded for a week-she seems to be doing better. Although- a grounding for her is like a grounding for the entire family. It means no TV on at any time, no computer, no sweets, nothing but reading, eating dinner, laying out clothing for the next day and going to bed. It stinks! I hope that she'll remember those consequences the next time her high-spirit seems to get the best of her better judgement!
We've been spending lots of time in College Station, tailgating for home games. We had the pleasure of joining our friends Marylou and Brent for the Aggie Coaches night, before the season started
Had such a fun time spending time with them and with the Aggie Yell Leaders! Whoop! :)

Heres hoping for a better week and no bad conduct grades! I'll keep you posted!

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