Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Ying & Yang

Before my parents divorced when I was 1- they had been married for 12 years. They had lots of stories of how wonderful their lives had been together and how great my older brother was, yada, yada, yada, then.. well the rest is history. I often wonder how my life would have been had my mother and step father not raised me and loved me dearly. To say that nature over nurture is correct or vice-versa- really doesn't make much sense to me. I have two walking, talking, screaming, sassing pitre dishes of individuality marked with likenesses too large to quantify, in my home on a daily basis, for 4 years. They can be as different as night and day- often banding together to wear their father and I out on an almost nightly basis. When it really comes down to it though- they are the wonders of our existence- the center of our "beings", our Ying & Yang... Who we are makes us all different- where we come from makes us alike too. So, on this Thanksgiving week- I have a lot to be "Thankful" for! Most of all- my children and darling husband- and equally so, the experiences that brought me to this place. Bad or good- they got us 4 here, to this place- happiness, thankfulness, fulfilled.
This is my list of 10 quick things I can think of that make you both so different, special and unique:
10.) You fake cry- often, even when you KNOW we KNOW that you are faking
9.) You do the "tee-tee" dance, with wild abandon, lest we experience a "world change" in the 30 seconds that you are gone from the room.
8.) You love to run, jump, play and laugh- like no other I know.
7.) You love life (even at the age of 4!)
6.) You are the "girliest" girl I know!
5.) You smile and every face in the room lights up.
4.) You sass like Paris Hilton, without a credit card!
3.) You hate shoes (which is weird, because I thought that was in every girls D.N.A.?)
2.) You will do ANYTHING to sidetrack your brother. (Even if it entails fake crying)
1.) You hung the moon for your daddy and I.
10.) You are the most sensitive, of sensitive boys on earth
9.) You would rather be close to a train than any other toy you posses
8.) You still like for your sister to be close to you when you go up a dark flight of stairs or go to your room, she is your stability.
7.) You are a passionate forehead kisser- (for fear of "germs!")
6.) You love to be tickled & proclaim- "I'm Done!" when you want us to stop :)
5.) You are a fantastic "helper"- and often set the table, remove your dishes from the table and love to vacuum. (thank you God, for at least one family member who loves to clean as much as I do!)
4.) You're beyond unhappy when you get sick, and usually no one can make you feel better than your sister
3.) You compliment like no other... In fact- you often tell me "You look gorgeous mommy"- even when I'm in a robe and house slippers.
2.) You love mac n' cheese- more than anything and would eat it for every meal if you could
1.) You are the stars and the moon for us- you shine like no other boy ever has. You have just the right amount of "puppy dog tails & snails"- and we adore you!
I love you!

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