Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Spell is Broken~

Sunday afternoon has long been one of mine and Bills least and most favorite days of the week. We relish the lazy, late hour that we typically rise <7> and curse the fact that its the last day of the weekend! When we lived in our last house- we were so close to a busy street that didnt allow a leisurely glass of wine on the patio while watching the kiddos play on their playground. We've recently reinstituted a standing Sunday afternoon "drop on by" policy with our neighborhood friends- and let me tell you- its the highlight of our week! No time- just later in the day on any Sunday- when its dry and warm out. No pressure and on a lucky day, I may have made a pot of red beans and rice or have something to snack on. This quote reminded me of the recent afternoons spent in the yard! ;) How timely! "The hour is late, the flames are dying down, the embers glow, the glasses require recharging. A guest rises to leave and the spell is broken. Realization dawns that it is another day and we have to face once more the problems of reality. But if I have been able to beguile you for an hour or two into forgetting the pressing problems of today it will have afforded me infinite satisfaction."-Major General Sir Rupert Brazier-Creagh (Ed Preusser's grandfather)

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