Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Welcome baby Price!

DSC00671, originally uploaded by amydell.

A Note to Price:

Dear Price-

We've waited a long time for your mommy and daddy to have you- and you are FINALLY here! Welcome to the world- and to Houston! It's hot- (you picked the hottest time of the year to join us)- and also the most fun time of the year to have a birthday party! Your mama did so well today- and we're all really proud of her- she is a trooper! Take it easy on her okay? Don't stay up too late at night and cry until unbearable hours of the morning. Be sure and come and visit often- Brooke and Bryce want to teach you how to beat the hell outa TU -- just like daddy taught them- ASAP- :) (Whoop!)--

Welcome, welcome little one- we love you!

Auntie Amydell~


Buffy said...

So sweet.

Congratulations to your sister/brother.

Leigh said...

Congratulations to all! He's precious!